Jasmin Elena

Creative Being

· Ms. Merryweather 
· Jinx
· Beecause 
· Origins Vodka
· Rhythm 
· Holiday Spirit 
· Dead G.O.A.T. 
· Illustrations

I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a knack for illustration, storytelling and problem solving. I believe in the power of design as a universal language capable of bridging the gap between people and cultures through meaning and intention.


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Ciao– I’m Jasmin

I’m a bitch 

graphic designer

I’m a lover

of chantarelles

I’m a child

with a wild imagination

I’m a mother 

dog mom

I’m a sinner 

wellI’m left handed

I’m a saint

ordained, actually

‍I do not feel ashamed

I use to love nickelback (awkward) 

I’m your hell

personal chef

I’m your dream


I’m nothing in between

and more than what’s on this screen

You know you wouldn’t
want it any other way.