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I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a knack for illustration, storytelling and problem solving. I believe in the power of design as a universal language capable of bridging the gap between people and cultures through meaning and intention.


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Millie Scott
Brand Identity ∙ Creative Direction ∙ Brand Positioning ∙ Copywriting ∙ Collateral Design ∙ Illustration

The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe.
— Orsola de Castro 

Millie Scott is a zero waste designer/maker who makes statement accessories and homewares using up-cycled fabrics, remnant materials and pre-loved fur. Millie Scott’s passion is galvanised by the desire to promote sustainable practices within fashion and move against fast fashion trends. For her branding it was important to create a bold identity that stood apart from the more traditional, muted  designs often associated with sustainable fashion. She is here to show everyone that sustainability requires ingenuity but not sacrifice. Millie Scott makes new things from old things with new sensibility.