Miss Merryweather

Children’s Book
Cencept, Design, Illustration

A passion piece in progress this children’s book is inspired by my own childhood, with the story being collaboratively written by myself and my brother (Kane Limbaugh). Born from a conversation between friends that sparked a desire to reflect upon childhood imagination and its infinite possibilities, it is an exploration of color and forms, as well as an exercise in spontaneity. Like a child who tells a tale of a world they’ve just imagined, each illustration is extemporaneously created. 

This is just an introduction to the story to set the scene and give the viewer a sense of the tone. Some accompanying illustrations show how the story progresses from being almost monochromatic to full blown technicolor, this progression will work in tandem with the stories evolution into fantasy and imagination. 

The story begins at a dull adult party. Lula-Belle is bored and wishes it to end. Then all of the sudden a stranger appears. Her name is Miss Merryweather and she has a story to tell. 

Lula-Bella and the guests are transported to a distant land as Miss Merryweather regales them with her latest adventure and some of the friends she has made along the way. 


Experimentation with color to see how different moods and times of day are expressed.

Exploring the use of shapes and patterns to add depth

Character color exploration